‘FundED’: ethical fundraising initiative

FundED is an ethical fundraising scheme that enables Disability North to build mutually beneficial, enduring relationships with local schools, youth groups and the communities they serve – whilst generating a sustainable income for the charity. The fundraising element of the programme promotes creative thinking and active learning, providing a fun context in which pupils can practically apply the knowledge acquired through education and develop the skills to work collaboratively and inclusively. In turn, the interactive ‘Awareness Raising’ sessions delivered by Disability North provide primary, secondary and sixth form pupils or youth group members with an age-appropriate, positive understating of contemporary disability issues in society, whilst promoting active inclusion and responsible citizenship amongst the adults of tomorrow.

To find out more click on the links below. For enquiries, or to find out how your school or community youth group can become a partner in the FundED project, please email our Service Development  & Involvement Manager carlenecarter@disabilitynorth.org.uk 

FundED Information Sheet for Senior Schools

FundED Information Sheet for Primary & Junior Schools

FundED Information Sheet for Community Groups

“What an amazing, positive experience. The Disability North team had a huge impact on our students. I’ve never seen them all so engaged & passionate about a project. They all worked hard coming up with their own ideas to raise money.” Staff Member, Southlands School.