PA Vacancy

Personal Assistant (DB/DP/001/19)

Job title              Personal Assistant

Hours                  12 hours (2×6 hour sessions daytime)

Rates of pay       £9.80 per hour

Area                    Blakelaw

About Me

My name is Dennis and I am 43 years old and I live with my sister, Tracie, who is responsible for my care, and her partner and we have a small dog.

I don’t always communicate easily due to my hearing and visual loss and there may be long pauses between questions and sometimes I give an answer that it is out of sync with the question asked, so being a good listener is essential.

My passion is my computer but since I’ve had a stroke I cannot access it anymore so someone with a passion for computers would be ideal.

I have limited mobility and require assistance with all transfers using a stand aid and assistance with personal care.

I love a cup of tea and need encouragement to stay hydrated and after a few cups I like to have a nap in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

To be my Personal Assistant you should have some experience of working with disabled adults with visual impairment.

For an application pack please email  (ref DB/DP/001/19) or click here DBDP00119 App Form