PA Vacancy

Personal Assistant (DT/DP/001/19)

Job Title             Personal Assistant

Hours                  10 hrs to be worked over the weekend.

Rates of Pay      £9.65 per hour

Location             Walker

About Me

My name is Derek I am looking for a PA to support me accessing my local community and enabling me to get out of the house.

I enjoy sport and computer games.  I am a Newcastle United fan and enjoy watching the football matches on the TV or in a pub.

I play pool and this is something I enjoy doing.  I like to be active and enjoy going out for long walks.

I am looking for someone to support me during the weekends as I work 3 days a week.

The role will involve supporting me, to access my local community.  Ensuring my safety when I am out and providing support to me when travelling particularly in unfamiliar places.  I would also like to travel, by train, further afield to visit York or Durham.

I have a learning disability and need a lot of reassurance in unfamiliar places and it is important that you help me to remain calm if I start to panic.

Main duties

  • Support me in accessing my local community
  • Support me in travelling
  • Ensure my safety and supervise me at all times
  • Enable me to access activities of my choice

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