Jane Grayloo

Occupational Therapist

I provide information and advice on all aspects of Independent Living, such as personal care, leisure, activities etc and this includes information regarding suitable aids and adaptations. The independent living service has a few equipment demonstration areas including an accessible bathroom, bedroom, accessible kitchen, stairlifts, threw floor lift, mobility aids area and outdoor track for trying out mobility equipment.

Each of these areas has a variety of equipment that can be tried and demo’d in an appointment with myself. While as an organisation, we do not sell or provide equipment ourselves, people can book a free appointment for an assessment with myself and get independent guidance on the most suitable equipment for them or other services that may be able to help.

Something not many people know about me:
In recent years I’ve discovered an obsession with all things nails, the ones on the ends of your fingers that is (I’m no DIY wiz). I love buying polish in every make, shade and colour (believe me there are an awful lot) and all nail art related products. I have an ever growing collection and constantly regale colleagues and family with the newest purchase or design (whether they want to know or not). I recently set up an Instagram account based around this hobby.