PA Vacancy

Personal Assistant MT/York

Hours: Some Permanent hours, some temporary/absence cover hours. Role may be split between multiple applicants.

Tuesday 9.30am – 12.00 noon

Wednesday 9am-1.30pm (absence cover)

Thursday 9am-1.30pm (absence cover)

Friday 9am-1.30pm (absence cover)

Saturday 8am-1.30pm

Sunday 8am-1.30pm

Rate:  £11.70 per hour

Area:  Central York


About me

I am 30 years old and have chronic health conditions which affect multiple aspects of my everyday living. I am also a parent, and have that role to fulfil 24/7. I have a small team of personal assistants to enable me to live like any other 30-year-old who loves parenthood, animals, gardening, music, and cooking.

Having a toddler, life can be a bit unpredictable, which may mean the hours need to change slightly over the course of time. The ideal candidate will be flexible with hours you can work. I am aiming to regain active participation in my local communities after pregnancy and the lockdown. My PA must be willing to facilitate this and be able to fulfil a role, often physically active, helping me to complete tasks, which I am unable to complete without this help.

You need to have:

  • An awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • An awareness of the impact of living with chronic pain
  • An awareness of environmental issues
  • An awareness of parenting tasks
  • An awareness of the social model of disability

Tasks will include:

  • Supporting me in my role as a parent (being functional hands when mine struggle).
  • Support to access the community e.g., baby groups, music, walks/trips to the park, gardening, activities involving animals etc.
  • Support me to take care of day-to-day activities & household chores.
  • Support me to plan menus, shop, and prepare meals.
  • Cooking / preparing meals.
  • Support me around managing personal care.
  • Support me to attend medical appointments and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Supporting me to engage with hobbies such as gardening, baking, crafts.

You need to be:

  • Comfortable around children and animals.
  • Supportive of and comfortable in the LGBT community, especially trans people.
  • Cheerful, friendly, sociable, and truthful.
  • Reliable, competent, practical and self-motivating.
  • Confident and willing to learn.
  • Respectful of your employer and their environment by being able to support their routines and requests.
  • Able to work independently, complete tasks you start and use your own initiative, so I can avoid micro-managing.
  • Knowledgeable of how to maintain a hygienic, safe and accessible home environment.
  • A good adaptable communicator.
  • Imaginative and creative.
  • Someone with a good sense of humour and fun (or have the capacity to put up with my terrible puns).
  • Able to leave any personal issues you have at the door, so we can have appropriate boundaries.


  • 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year
  • A warm and friendly environment
  • Working in an environment where you’re seen and treated as a human being

The successful candidate will have had or be willing to have their Covid-19 vaccinations.

This post is subject to DBS check and references.


Applications welcomed until such a time as the position is satisfactorily filled.

At the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the U.K.



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