PA Vacancy

Social Personal Assistant MT/NCL

Social Personal Assistant MT/NCL

Term Time- Sat & Sun 4 hours per day

Holiday Time- 3 days per week 4 hours per day (to be arranged)

Kenton, Newcastle Upon Tyne

£12.00 per hour


Mohmin is a lovely 14-year-old young boy. He enjoys going to school and being at home with his family.

Mohmin has a very good memory, and he can remember all the FIFA football teams, the countries and their football players. Mohmin likes to play FIFA.

Mohmin knows many interesting facts that he likes to research, and he shares these facts with his friends and family. Mohmin is good at spelling words, and he likes to write.

Mohmin likes to share funny stories and he has started to make up his own jokes. Mohmin will seek out members of his family and go and share funny stories with them.

Mohmin likes to play on his electronic tablet. He enjoys looking up facts on ‘Google’. He is particularly interested in biographies, cars, trucks, football cards and Lego.

Mohmin is looking For a PA that can share his experiences and encourage him to attend outside activities away from the family home to aid his social skills. Mohmin would like to go swimming, visit the park, attend a football match or two and is keen to explore the Handcock Museum and other local venues.

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This post is exempt under the Equality Act 2010 schedule 9 paragraphs 1 – 4.

At the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the U.K.

 There is a genuine occupational requirement for the holder of this post to be male/female in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and Equality Act 2010.



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