Direct Payment support for York City Council, North Yorkshire and East Riding

Disability North is now offering an Independent Direct Payment Support Service in York as well as for individuals in North Yorkshire and the East Riding who wish to use our services.

We are delighted to have been accepted onto York City Council’s Approved Provider list and look forward to working with those who choose our Direct Payment Support Service and Payroll Services in York.

Last year Disability North was approached by Pippa Murray from IBK Initiatives, who was aware of the support services that Disability North offered. Pippa asked if we would offer our services to the people IBK support when she retired. We are working closely with Pippa, IBK and all those Direct Payment recipients who wish to transfer to our support service to ensure this is a smooth and positive transition. We are looking forward to building on the work that Pippa has done over the years in York and we feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to be trusted with the support of those Pippa has worked so closely with over the years.

Our Independent Direct Payment Support and payroll Service in York

Disability North have been providing support for those receiving direct payments since 2000.

If you are receiving a direct payment from York City Council we can provide you with a variety of support suited to you. Your social worker can make a referral on your behalf or you can contact us direct at 0191 2840480 or We can also provide support if you receive a Personal Health Budget or if you are self-funding your support.

Personal Assistant recruitment and Staff Management 

We realise that looking for the right Personal Assistant (PA) and taking on their employment can sometimes be a daunting task.

We will support you every step of the way from the coproduction of an informative, accurate and most importantly a person-centred job description to the placing of the advert and support right throughout the interview process to ensuring you have everything in place for when your PA starts.

When employing a PA there are some key things that you need in place. Insurance, contracts, and a payroll system. We will discuss all this with you and support you to choose the right options for you and then set them up.

We are never more than a phone call or email away and will continue to support you through anything that may arise. 

This may be advice on staff supervision, further recruitment or issues that may arise with your PA. All the support that we provide is tailored to you. You can choose as little or as much support as you feel you need.

Care agency Management 

York has a good network of Micro Providers who can give a personalised support service.

You may have decided that you would like the choice and control over who provides your support, but you do not want to employ your own PA’s. We can work with you to identify a Micro Provider who can provide suitable support. 

As well as Micro Providers we can also support you in the finding of a suitable Care Agency.

The most important part of this process is you and ensuring that you find good quality support to live your life in the way you choose.

Payroll Services

Standard Payroll is a service where we support you in the PAYE system for your PA’s. We will generate payslips for your PA’s and advise you on the payments which you need to make to HM Revenue & Customs and the Pension Provider. We also file year-end figures online to inform HMRC who has worked for each employer over the financial year.

You have control of your own funds and are responsible for Wages, Tax, National Insurance and Pension payments.

Payroll Plus is the service where we manage your funding on your behalf. In addition to the support of Standard Payroll we will also pay your staff’s wages directly to them and make payments to HM Revenue & Customs and the Pension Provider.  We will monitor your funds and provide audits to the fund provider direct. This service can also be used to pay Micro Providers and Care Agencies.