Community Care Advice Project

Over the years Disability North has enabled disabled people to navigate the social care and welfare benefits system. We have a proven track record in supporting people using Direct Payments, delivering training, and enabling people to access benefits. From 1st May 2020 Disability North’s Community Care and Personalisation Adviser will be able to support you with questions you may have around any aspect of Community Care.

If you feel that your needs are not being met or views not listened to, we will support and advise you, providing you with information to make informed decisions, write letters on your behalf to Local Authorities, and where necessary, work with legal partners to enable you to challenge decisions.

Our work will be based on the values of personalisation and will be person-centred throughout.

For more information contact our Community Care and Personalisation Advisor or by telephone on 0191 2840480 or 07933834666.

Direct Payments Guidance:

The newest Direct Payments guidance from the Government is now here.

Easy read link:

The complete document:

Self-care Appeal