We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our film stars for taking the time to share their experiences with us.

The insight into the role of a Personal Assistant (PA) and the first-hand accounts of
employing is invaluable.

We hope you will enjoy watching these, so you can learn more about the profession. They
may also help you to decide if having a PA is for you.

Put the kettle on and enjoy!

Angie – Angie, Lucy and Beth talk about how they organise their life when employing a PA.

Beth – Beth has years of experience of finding the right PA’s to support her as she has a visual impairment. She talks about her top tips for recruitment and how her PA’s support at work and with a hectic family life.

Karen – Karen and Angie talk about how they successfully balance friendship and a
professional employment relationship.

Parenting – Beth and Sally-Ann discuss how they are clear about the boundaries and
preferences so Sally-Ann can offer the right support, enabling Beth to be the parent she wants to be.

Lucy – Lucy talks about how she finds PA’s, what she needs and values in a good PA

Sal – Sal talks about why being Beth’s PA gives her the most job satisfaction she has ever had.

John, Zak and Vici – Zak and John talk about working in the café and the fun stuff they do. Vici (Zak’s Mum) talks about why having a PA was so important for Zak from being a young teenager and the positive difference it has made to their family.

Debbie – Debbie talks about her experience of being employed by a few different people as a PA and what she has learnt from this. Lucy talks about how good she has found the support from Disability North to employ a team of PA’s.