Disability North now offering Direct Payment Support Service in York

Disability North is now offering an Independent Direct Payment Support Service in York as well as for individuals in North Yorkshire and the East Riding who wish to use our services.

We are delighted to have been accepted onto York City Council’s Approved Provider list and look forward to working with those who choose our Direct Payment Support Service and Payroll Services in York.

Last year Disability North was approached by Pippa Murray from IBK Initiatives, who was aware of the support services that Disability North offered. Pippa asked if we would offer our services to the people IBK support when she retired. We are working closely with Pippa, IBK, and all those Direct Payment recipients who wish to transfer to our support service to ensure this is a smooth and positive transition. We are looking forward to building on the work that Pippa has done over the years in York and we feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to be trusted with the support of those Pippa has worked so closely with over the years.

For more information, go to our new page here: