PA Vacancy

Female Personal Assistant – GRNCL

Job Title:  Female Personal Assistant

Hours: 7.5 hours per week                                    

Rates of Pay:  £12.70 per hour                                          

Location:  Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Purpose of Job

I am looking for a Personal Assistant to assist me with most aspects of daily living. I have a physical disability and due to this I require support to live my everyday life as I want to.  I live in my own home with my grown-up son and two dogs.

My condition means that each day is different for me in terms of pain levels and what I can do myself. Some days I can hardly get out of bed due to pain, on these days you will be required to come in and do what needs done around the house. This could include light domestic tasks such as hoovering, washing dishes, and tidying up around the house. You will prompt me with my medication and gently encourage me if I am able to, to get out of bed.

You will mainly be assisting me with things you would do in everyday life such as support with washing and drying my hair, getting dressed and ready for the day ahead. You will assist me with preparing meals such as peeling potatoes and vegetables, and support with cooking.

I may require some support with transferring in and out of the bath, I do have some aids that can assist with this such as a bath board. More information and training will be given around this if you are successful.

Another part of your role will be to prompt me with taken my medication, assisting me with my TENS machine when needed each day and potentially accompanying me to any hospital appointments I may need to go to. For this reason, I would prefer a driver with their own car, but this is not essential.

Currently I find it difficult some days to leave the house, this can be due to my anxieties. I can sometimes have panic attacks if in new areas or when there is a lot of people around me. You will need to keep calm in these situations and take me to a quieter area. I have my own strategies and coping methods for this so you will need to be aware and respect this.  I would like to build up to going out more and further afield, this will take time and so it’s not something that will be part of your role straight away, but I’m hoping that it will be in the future.

You should be reliable and flexible, as there may be times when I have an appointment come through which I need support to attend. I am also looking for my personal assistant to be honest, trustworthy and have a good sense of humour. It is more important that I get on with my personal assistant than having experience or qualifications.

As my Personal Assistant, it is important that you respect my role as your employer and be able and willing to work under my direction.  Your job will be to provide the physical assistance I need to enable me to be as fully independent as possible.  As my assistant, you must be extremely reliable and be able to work flexible hours (sometimes at short notice).

You must be willing to learn about your role as my assistant, be able to respect my privacy and dignity and understand my need for independence.  I will require support to access social and leisure activities, assistance with personal care tasks, mobility, and transfers.  You must be able to always maintain confidentiality, in all areas of your work.  You do not have to be physically strong to do the job well, but good general health is important.




As my Personal Assistant you will be directed by and be accountable to me in all aspects of your work.  You should also ask what my needs are and listen to my directions and requests.  All personnel issues will be negotiated through me.

Main Duties

As my needs will vary it is important that the Personal Assistant is flexible about what the task involves and agrees to undertake other reasonable personal assistance that I require.

Personal Assistance

  • Assistance with getting dressed and washed
  • Assistance with washing and drying my hair
  • Support with attending hospital appointments
  • Assistance with using my TENS machine when required
  • Support with administering creams, and prompting with medication

Domestic Tasks

  • You will help me to prepare my meals, including peeling and preparing vegetable to cook.
  • Making and changing my bed when needed
  • Domestic duties including, washing, ironing and general housework.
  • Assistance with shopping.

Social Activities and additional needs

  • Support to get out of the house and do things like shopping
  • We will go to places of my choice including going to the cinema, beach, shopping, going out for walk and meals out.


There are no formal qualifications needed to do this job.  For the most part of the tasks and assistance involved can be learned through the Personal Assistant and I working together.  I am the person best qualified to know what my needs are and how they are best met.

Where it is required, such as in Health and Safety matters, practical training and guidance will be arranged, and the personal assistant will be expected to attend.

There will be a probationary period of 12 weeks.  At the end of this period, I will meet with you to review the position.  If your performance is satisfactory and we are both are happy with the situation, your continued employment will be confirmed.

The Probationary period can be extended at my discretion.  During the first 4 weeks of the Probationary Period, I may terminate your employment by giving one week’s notice.  During the remainder of the Probationary Period, either party can terminate employment by giving one week’s notice.

These posts are subject to satisfactory DBS check and references, which will be taken up only if you are offered a post.

Person Specification

  • Have experience of working with adults with physical disabilities.
  • Have a positive attitude towards disability
  • Be willing to work under our direction
  • Be able to work flexibly to meet my needs
  • Not drink alcohol when working for me
  • Have good general health
  • Be a driver and have a clean driving licence (preferred but not essential)
  • Be reliable and trustworthy
  • Be a good timekeeper
  • Be able to work at short notice
  • Be able to work in different settings
  • Not discuss our household and domestic circumstances with others, other than with my specific permission
  • Keep information gained in the course of your employment confidential
  • Be able to respond appropriately in an emergency
  • Be able to accept responsibility and work on your own initiative
  • Respect my privacy
  • Be patient when doing repeated tasks
  • Have at least basic reading, writing and number skills
  • You do not need any formal qualifications, but you must be willing to learn how to do the job under my direction.

There is a genuine occupational requirement for the holder of this post to be male/female in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and Equality Act 2010 schedule 9 paragraphs 1 – 4.


Closing date: This vacancy will close as soon as a suitable candidate is appointed.

At the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the U.K.



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    Contact following Interview but Prior to Job offer?

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