Silverline Memories

Silverline Memories is a registered Charity number 1163582.

Silverline Memories is governed by a Board of seven Trustees and supported by a further six volunteers. Our Founder and Chief Operating Officer is Sandra Hastings.

Silverline Memories was founded in December 2013 in order to provide “places to go and things to do” for people living with Dementia.  We aim to facilitate 20 social opportunities each month.  We firmly believe that life should not stop following a diagnosis of dementia and that despite the media portrayal there is still much joy to be found and a fully and active life to be lived.  We recognise that is it not just the person with the diagnosis who is “living with dementia” but everyone who loves and cares for that person, and we therefore welcome everyone who is affected by a diagnosis. We provide specialist support to Carers of people with dementia as their needs are just as important.

We adhere to the “Butterfly Method” of Dementia Care, which means never correcting a person’s beliefs or understanding.  We simply stay with the person in whatever time or space they believe themselves to be.

We are funded through grants and the generosity of our supporters who undertake fundraising events for us including The Great North Run, SkyDiving, The North Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge, Hadrian’s Wall Challenge. We welcome all donations and all donations are recognised and acknowledged for the difference they make.  We ask for a voluntary contribution to some of our events and make a charge for others.  Although our overheads are small thanks to the support of our volunteers, we do have costs which need to be met.  Anyone who is unable to make a contribution will still be welcome.

As well as the services advertised, we also offer a range of additional support, both emotional and practical which is offered as and when the need arises.

We welcome EVERYONE.  People of all nationalities, religions, sexualities, gender persuasions and political beliefs are valued equally.  We do not tolerate any discrimination of any kind within our groups.  We recognise that dementia can cause a loss of inhibition that can result in unexpected behaviours and no-one should ever feel uncomfortable with these.  Silverline Memories is a family where all are at home, safe, and loved unconditionally.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new lockdown restrictions beginning Thursday 5th November 2020 Silverline Memories are working from home.

You can contact Silverline Memories by ringing 0191 6030095 or email them using the following form on their website: https://silverlinememories.com/contact-us/