Z2K has launched a new campaign action that allows people to quickly respond to the Health and Disability Green Paper – with an Easy Read guide for doing so also provided – allowing you to flag your MP about the Green Paper.

From Z2K:

‘The Government has finally published its long-overdue Health and Disability Green Paper, seeking views on their proposed changes to health and disability benefits, including assessments.

Despite the abundance of evidence demonstrating the need for fundamental reform of these assessments, this Green Paper lacks ambition and ignores clear failures of the system.

Nearly half of all people in poverty in the UK are either disabled themselves or live with someone who is disabled. This has to change.

Now is our opportunity to tell this Government that tinkering around the edges is not enough.

We want this Government to make a real and genuine commitment to working with disabled people, people with health conditions, and Deaf and Disabled people’s organizations (DDPO’s) to affect true change.

Have your say – let this Government and your MP know that DWP’s reforms to health and disability benefits must go further.

The template below is open for you to edit as you wish and if you have experience of disability benefits assessments, there is space to add your own personal thoughts and experiences if you would like to do so.

Here is a link to our consultation guide and Easy Read version.

After submitting the consultation response, you will also have the option to send our briefing to your MP. MPs have a duty to represent their constituents and we have the power to hold them to account. We don’t want them to just listen, we want them to act. Write to them today to ensure disabled people and those with health conditions receive the income they are entitled to and the dignified and respectful treatment they deserve.’

Tuesday 31st August 2021

DWP has published a new Green Paper: Shaping Future Support: The Health and Disability Green Paper

This Green Paper explores how the benefits system can better meet the needs of disabled people and those with health conditions. It was informed by extensive engagement with disabled people, people with health conditions, and their representatives, to hear about people’s experiences of DWP services and priorities for future change.

The consultation includes changes which could:

  • Enable independent living and testing the role of advocacy so people who need extra help to navigate the benefits system get the right level of support and information first time. 
  • Review how assessments are carried out including exploring the potential for longer-term use of telephone and video assessments and looking at how reassessments work including testing a new Severe Disability Group (SDG) for people with severe and life-long conditions that will not improve. This could see those who meet the criteria experiencing a more simplified application process, without the need for an assessment to receive financial support 
  • Improve support for disabled people to help them start, stay and succeed in work through the Work and Health Programme, Access to Work and on personalising employment support, recognising that one size does not fit all. 

The consultation started with the launch of this Green Paper will last for 12 weeks. They want to hear from disabled people, people with health conditions, and their representatives about the approaches that should be considered to improve the system.

The Green Paper, along with accessible versions and a link to the consultation site, is now available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/shaping-future-support-the-health-and-disability-green-paper

Originally published by Clive Davis 23/8/2021