Care Act easements

We have been given this information this morning, it is a very tight timescale. If you would like to feedback to the department of health and social care (DHSC) around the Care Act easements please use the form below.

We realise that the form provided by the DHSC is not accessible for all and if you need any support to feedback please contact

“The Care Act easements introduced by the Coronavirus Act 2020 were intended as a tool to help local authorities continue to meet the most urgent and acute needs in the face of COVID-19, allowing local authorities to prioritise care and support more effectively than is possible under the Care Act 2014, when necessary

After one year, and in accordance with the Coronavirus Act, we must conduct a review

We have previously sought feedback from people with lived experience as well as taken on learning from TLAP’s report on Covid-19, and we are keen to get your views on whether the easements provision should be retained, suspended, or withdrawn from March 2021

Please use this form to provide feedback:

We would appreciate your response by 12pm Tuesday 23rd February which will help us to shape our recommendation to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.”

Thursday 18th February 2021