Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets

The Direct Payment team at Disability North are funded by Newcastle City Council to provide support to service users from the Newcastle area who are receiving or considering using Direct Payments.

Our experienced team of advisors can help with everything from advice on record keeping to guidance with employing quality support staff; we can also assist in the recruitment of Personal Assistants and provide employer training, along with budget management support. Disability North’s finance team also provides individuals and organisations with Payroll services.

We have been delivering this service since the introduction of Direct Payments over 15 years ago.

We are also on the Approved Provider list for North Tyneside Council to deliver Direct Payment Support.

“Always find this service extremely useful. Very helpful and accurate advice given. A great reassurance. Thank You.” (Service user who employs support staff)

“Personal Budgets can transform lives for young people. Many parents would not take on the role of employing someone without support being available to help them do so. The staff at Disability North make managing a budget easy. I am very grateful for their support” (Parent of a child who receives a Personal Budget)

Similar support is available to people receiving Personal Health Budgets in the North East region. Our advisors have supported a number of service users in managing their Personal Health Budget and work closely with the local CCGs to ensure that Personal Health Budgets are a success.


How Personal Budget works:

If you have been assessed as being eligible for Social Care services you should be offered a Personal Budget to pay for your assessed Social Care needs. Instead of having to use traditional services, for example the council contracting with an agency on your behalf, you can now choose how you meet your needs. A support plan will be written up between you and your Social Worker, which outlines how you will use your Personal Budget.

You can choose how you receive your Personal Budget:
Virtual Budget – This is where the council continues to commission services outlined in your support plan and pay for them on your behalf.

Direct Payment – This is where you receive your budget direct in 4 weekly amounts over the year, you are then responsible for using that money as set out in your support plan and keeping proper financial records.

Indirect Payment – This is where someone manages the budget on your behalf, this could be a family member or an outside agency. They manage the money and pay for the services as outlined in your support plan and they keep the financial records.

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Personal Health Budgets:

Did you know that since October 2014 you have the right to request a Personal Budget to meet your assessed health care needs?

A personal health budget is an amount of money allocated to support your healthcare and well-being needs. This isn’t extra or new money, but a different way of spending health funding to meet your needs. A Personal Health Budget can give people with long-term health conditions and disabilities more choice and control over the money spent on meeting their health and well-being needs. A Personal Health Budget should have person-centered care and support planning at its heart. A good support plan will help you to identify your health and well-being goals and will set out how the budget will be spent to enable you to keep healthy and safe.

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